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Founded in 2005, Fengzhou Precision has become a leading R&D leading technology enterprise in China's fixture parts and components industry, and is committed to solving the increasingly precise and reliable clamping requirements in various machining processes. Fengzhou Precision currently has university resource platform, media platform, sales platform and data platform. Provide the market with precision clamping supporting products, provide and guide the use of fixture and a complete set of energy-saving and efficient solutions. Make manufacturing enterprises more efficient and achieve the goal of cost reduction quickly. Let the industry develop more steadily. Fengzhou Precision has service companies in Dalian, Weifang, Kunshan, Shanghai, Chongqing, Fuzhou, Guangzhou and other places.


Precision clamping supporting products: Fengzhou Precision has experienced more than ten years of industry development, has a senior research and development team, and has a thorough understanding of various applications and performance of products in the industry. It plays a necessary role in the industrial chain of high-end equipment. In the vigorous development of the intelligent process, the full play of enterprise value has been realized. Our inductance and gas detection products began to serve customers in batches. Rubber expansion sleeve products have injected the concept of flexibility into this tough industry. Our large and diverse product portfolio has become a platform for the selection and purchase of clamp parts and components.


Provide and guide fixture use plan: rely on a large number of key customer groups of Fengzhou Precision. We provide clamping solutions for different manufacturing industries and different product clamping scenarios. This is our crystallization service product with close cooperation between upstream and downstream for many years.


A complete set of energy-saving and efficient solutions: Fengzhou Precision has gone through the changes of the fixture parts and components industry from manual, to pneumatic, to hydraulic, to high pressure and small demand, and then to signal feedback demand. Based on the database resource advantages accumulated by the company for many years, and through standardized analysis and summary methods. We combine the pump valve system and the fixture execution system. Maximize the provision of efficient and achievable integrated low-cost operation clamping solutions for customers.


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