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Company Profile

Company Profile


  Fengzhou Mechanical Co., Ltd is a company specialized in mechanical part fabrication. It is engaged in R&D, fabrication and manufacture, sale of and technical service for clamps and assemblies required in fabrication of mechanical parts with precision. The company is located in Beilungang, Ningbo, in eastern Zhejiang Province, one of key ports in the world. Beilungang is national and even world’s tools and mould fabrication center where there are complete productions chain and supply chains of materials, machining equipment and processing equipment. This company established production base in Beilungang in view of such good geographic location.

  We have been in production with diligence over 14 years since the factory of the company was built in 2005. We have a stable, humble and progressive team. We have been adhering to the quality guideline of “survival with quality and progress with science and technology” over many years. We provide quality products and technical service of various kinds for quite many clamps and jigs customers nationwide. We are required to make progress year by year. We were unequipped, generally equipped and precisely equipped; We have a complete set of sophisticated and high-precision machining and testing equipment; our management experienced a process from rough one to lean one. Transmission of information in the company has transformed from verbal one to ERP and then to full monitoring MES on-line one. Our products are available to you from the past few categories to currently more than 8000 kinds and types; We have more than 20 patents in China including four invention patents; We produce “Harvest” series high-end product series for customers in China and abroad; we introduced Swedish “VANERN” series digital controlled lathe clamp series and American “ENERPAC” high-end pump station series. Our own R&D team constantly gets stronger and stronger. We provide customers precision and quality products used for chucking force, repeated positioning precision, reliability and clamping convenience. Our products are also available with regard to power source, control elements and execution elements.

  We thank you for your company, on the way of Fengzhou’s growth. We also believe “you are satisfied when we are professional; you become wonderful if we are specialized”. We are grateful to our valued customers on this way.

  Hope this introduction enables you to have better knowledge about this company and our products. Your satisfaction in choosing and using our products and our service is our destination.